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Medical CodingUtilize Highly Accurate Medical Coding Services

From healthcare practices and urgent care facilities to medical billing companies, Alltres is the choice provider of outsourced medical coding services. By utilizing Alltres, companies like yours can expect highly accurate medical coding, which means correct reimbursements, as well as reduced claim denials and compliance issues.

What We Offer

  • ICD-10-PM, CPT, HCPCS, ICD-10-PCS and HCC coding
  • Chart audits and code reviews
  • Process improvement suggestions

How It Works

  1. Access Medical Records

    Alltres will securely access the medical records from your EHR/PM System.
  2. Analyze Information

    Our team will analyze the information.
  3. Complete Medical Coding

    Alltres will assign CPT/ICD information.
  4. Review for Accuracy

    Our Quality Assurance group will review the coded charts.
  5. Confirm Completion

    Alltres will send you the completion report.
Alltres Medical Coding Services

The Alltres Advantage

  • Highly accurate clinical data reporting
  • Increase speed of filing claims
  • ICD-10 compliance
  • Reduce Accounts Receivable (AR) backlogs with improved first-pass rate
  • Decrease DNFB cases for improved revenue
  • Eliminate or reduce claim denials

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