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Denial ManagementResolve Denied Claims and Increase Payments

Alltres is a trusted provider of outsourced denial management services for healthcare practices, urgent care facilities and medical billing companies. By partnering with our team, you can expect a full-service experience that will result in increased revenue from paid claims and reduced denials long-term.

What We Do

  • Analyze the root causes of denied claims
  • Take action to correct identified issues
  • File appeals with insurance companies

How It Works

  1. Track Claim Status

    Alltres will track the status of each claim, following up with the insurance company as needed.
  2. Determine Denial Reason(s)

    Once identifying denied claims, our team will determine the reason(s), following up with the insurance company if more feedback is needed.
  3. Correct the Claim

    Alltres will correct invalid or incorrect medical codes and revalidate all clinical information.
  4. Refile the Claim

    Our team will resubmit the claim to the insurance company, providing supporting clinical documentation as needed and following up until the claim is resolved.
  5. Appeal

    If needed, Alltres will file an appeal with the insurance company.
Alltres Denial Management Services

The Alltres Advantage

  • Increase revenue from paid claims
  • Prevent denials from recurring in the future
  • Reduce denial percentage over time

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