Denial Managment/AR Calling

Insurance companies make a business out of denying claims, or stagnating them.  let us help your company resolve them

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Charge/Payment Posting

Data entry should be simple, it was supposed to be automated.  like many maybe you still find your staff bogged down with this task.  We can HELP.

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Is it a Purse,  is it a Vase, is it a Basket…. Its a purse on the right, and a Basket on the left…..   Maybe it should be coded as a headache.  Coding is complicated and its important, well only if payment is.  We have the affordable, skilled resources you need.

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Outsourcing should be easy

Let us help you return to the business you wanted to be in.  You and or your company started to do one thing.  HELP People who needed your help.  Along the way things got complicated.  each and every day one more hoop was added to the gantlet.  today it is very difficult to manage a cost effective team without the help of outsourcing.

Gone are the days of choosing to outsource or in house your companies operations.  today you can have the best of both.  You can reap the cost efficiencies of outsourcing and enjoy the relationships and ease of communication you would expect from the traditional in house solution.


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