If your new to outsourcing you may have some questions.

Who outsources

We operate in a global economy.  The vast majority of business in some way or another is global.   This is true of the healthcare sector as well.  All the major insurance companies have offices overseas.  All the major EMR companies do as well.  In fact when we perform AR Calling it is likely that we are making a call on your behalf (in the US) to a insurance company representative that is geographically closer to us than they are to you.

Why outsource

There are many reasons, a few reasons are as follows:  Geography;  when you send in work at the end of your day, it is the start of our day.  when we deliver work at the end of our day its the start of your day.  Cost efficiency; the average wage is much lower in other parts of the world.  highly skilled labor comes at a cost much lower then less skilled labor in the US.  Infrastructure; We serve large clients and have the man power to handle your requirements.

Can we have a dedicated account representative

Of course! Our friendly and knowledgeable account representatives are available to answer your questions.  You will have a dedicated US Based Representative.